All our recovery cards are professionally printed from handmade originals using watercolor and marker/pencil lettering and illustrations. If you look closely you can see the color transitions and even an occasional imperfection. Just like our recovery journeys, none follow exactly the same path but all are heartfelt and full of hope.

The cards measure 4.5 by 6.25 inches and have our logo and mission on the back of every card.


"I am Amanda and Cindy is my neighbor.

I am Cindy and our story is about wanting to give back."

Clean & Sober Greetings, LLC, unfolded from a casual conversation between two neighbors who, like so many others discovered that we have very much in common; loved ones who suffer from substance use disease.  We talked about the constant worry…the constant hope that things would get better…and the constant fear that things could get worse.


Through our conversations, we soon realized that we share a common interest in wanting to do more…of wanting to help in some way.  What started as a small greeting card project evolved into what is now Clean & Sober Greetings, LLC.  







Initially, we thought we would just share our creations with our friends and families, but soon realized that this was a chance to contribute.  Our cards are handmade and designed with the intention of bringing light to an otherwise very dark subject.  Some are serious, some are humorous, some are even a little silly…but all address the issue of recovery and hope.

Our artists are from the recovery community and donate their time and creativity to the development of each of our recovery cards. Likewise, neither my partner nor I receive any compensation for our efforts and all profits from our cards are donated to recovery programs and scholarships.


Clean & Sobedr Greetings LLC is dedicated to the recovery community and one of our most important initatives is to showcase the wonderful creative work of artists who understand the personal challenges of substance use disease or is a family member of a loved one who suffers from this horrible disease. These artists put their feelings and experiences into our cards and we are proud to have them as contributrs to our mission of hope and awareness. Please take the time to check out our artist bios.